Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Neither . . . a Book does.

Rachael Ray knew that her career was stagnant at a local TV station where she was barely paid enough to cover the cost of food on her show, and that if she was ever going to take it to the next level, she needed a book. She did everything in her power to get a book written and released, and that became her “entree” into the world of national broadcast television.

Your biography, memoir, business, inspirational, how to or other book is important to you, your career, or business, and chances are, you have little or no experience writing a book or being published. Become an author, and get your book published. We have written many biographies, memoirs and other books, and have helped many of our clients to publish their books. Our clients are all anxious when the first call us, uncertain of what to expect during the writing and publishing process. When their project is completed they invariably thank us for our expertise and close attention to their needs, and for a successful authoring experience.

If you have a biography, memoir, inspirational, business or other book in mind, call us today to learn about how you can become an author.