seminar speaker

Seminar Speaking. The top seminar speaking coach in the world tells every one of his students that they need a book. You need a book with your picture and name on the cover to tell the world that you are the go-to person, the professional. If you want to be asked to speak on radio and television programs about subjects that include your area of expertise, then you need a book to establish your credentials. In academia we hear the words “Publish or Perish” spoken with resounding clarity and finality, and for good reason. Your book is central to establishing heightened credibility in any field or industry, and can become the source of greater leads, sales and revenues. This is especially true in the case of professionals who enjoy the regard of their peers, and who are recognized in their profession as having achieved much more than most. A book can share valued information and lessons across a profession and garner the respect of fellow practitioners.As a leader in the self-help and motivational speaking profession you well understand that a print book with your name and picture on the cover and your insights within the pages is an absolute must to establish you as a luminary in your field.

Writing a book about your expertise and methodologies sets you apart from your competition, providing you with market positioning, brand recognition, authenticity and credibility that cannot be obtained in any other manner. Regardless of your area of expertise you will receive an immediate and sustained boost to your market perception, which nearly always translates into elevated lead generation, business inquiries and invitations to speak.