review richardson

“My book turned out exactly as I had planned and hoped for a very long time. I recommend your services to anyone with a book that needs a professional hand.” Denise Richardson, author of Give Me Back My Credit!

Review by Kevin Ross Peterson: “This is a wonderful book… as much as it is terrifyingly real… the credit issues and the unbridled power of the “Big Three” to randomly destroy any life they choose… It is a smooth read… A hard to put down tale that leaves you shaking your head and wondering if you’ll be next. As extreme as this may seem…it is merely a drop in the tremendous bucket of Credit lies, deception and hell that people go through… Great book.”

“Thank you for helping me ghostwrite my book.  Your writers were insightful and sensitive during the interview and research phase of my writing project, and professional and highly skilled during the writing and editing phase.” Denise Richardson