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“Working with Scottsdale Multimedia has been an easy process for the development of my book. The writer has truly made the difference in this biography and his writing style and research are exemplary. From the beginning of this project, his interview techniques, taped conversations and logical persistence of organizing a life story gives him the modern day edge of writing. To me, his writing is clear and concise and the story flows as each character/episode is developed. The writer conveys a direct balance of intrigue in each chapter and intensifies the story as the delivery of my grandfather’s life and his adventures unfold.

I highly recommend Scottsdale Multimedia – for excellent writing proficiency; follow up, revision after revision without hesitation, photo imaging assistance, and this list goes on and on-without any doubts. They have a unique talent and I extend my appreciation.” Lucas Ford, Jr., Author, An Ethical Physician.

An Ethical Physician is a true epic story of a physician who began his Nineteenth-Century life among the moneyed gentlemen of the old South, only to see his heritage stripped of all dignity and status. Earning his own way through medical school Dr. James G. Hopkins made his way in the reconstructed South as a family man, a beloved physician and a civic leader. Just as Dr. Hopkins had everything to live for—loving wife, devoted children, respect of his community, and a successful medical practice—his world was brought crashing down around him in a flashing moment. Barely escaping his beloved hometown, the Good Doctor became a hunted man with a high price on his head. Always seeking the opportunity to clear his name, Dr. Hopkins went on the lamb, taking up new identities and building more medical practices and successful personas than could be expected of any mortal man. He built and abandoned several fortunes, and families, always looking over his shoulder for Pinkerton men or a local Sheriff with retirement in mind. An Ethical Physician is a riveting journey through the Old West, the Hawaiian Islands and Untamed Mexico seen through the eyes of a medical man with restoration on his mind, and longing in his heart.

The course of a life meticulously planned and executed can be changed in the blink of an eye. This story documents the life of a doctor in the post-war South whose respectable life was derailed in an instant. Upon shooting a man whom he thought was trying to kill him, the doctor found himself under arrest in the town he and his family had helped build. When it became apparent that the cards were stacked against him, he decided to run, with the intent of returning as soon as he could clear his name. The author shares his grandfather’s journey, trying to avoid Pinkerton men and bounty hunters while dreaming of his wife and children. I was spellbound the entire time.