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publish_your_bookAs an “author” you are very interested in the publishing world. Transforming your manuscript into a published book is a marvelous and often mystifying process. Seeing your name on the cover of your own book, and opening its pages and seeing the words you wrote in print is an unparalleled experience.

Knowing how to get your manuscript noticed, and seriously considered by a publisher is key to your success as a writer. The first thing you must understand is that the publishing industry is inundated with manuscripts that will never see the light of day—should never see the light of day. So you need to follow a strict code of best practices to get your book serious consideration by by literary agents and publishers.

Scottsdale Multimedia can show you how to contact literary agents, who can represent your manuscript to publishers.

Perhaps you don’t intend to go the traditional publisher route.  Indeed, there are several alternate options available today.

Specialty Publishers

There are several regional and local publishers that are actively looking for new authors with meritorious manuscripts. You don’t necessarily need an agent to get a publishing contract with one of these companies.


Many of Scottsdale’s clients prefer to have their books printed and bound by their own publisher, for various reasons. A few possibilities are:

  •     they have their own distribution network in place (MLM, retail outlets, sales network)
  •     their books are meant to be handed out individually to prospective clients
  •     their books are meant to be supplied with product orders
  •     their books are meant for limited distribution (family, friends, library)
  •     the book is a gift to an honored loved one or key corporate person
  •     the book is intended for digital distribution
  •     the book will be sold directly through a website (web design service>>)
  •     higher profit margins for the author

Self-publishing can also help an aspiring writer “boot-strap” his way into the publishing industry. There are a number of now famous authors who self-published their books, to prove their marketability to the publishing industry.

eBooks and Internet Sales

Digital eBooks have become very common, and nearly all of them are purchased over the Internet. Scottsdale Multimedia can help you prepare your completed manuscript for sale on any number of online book sellers:

  •     Amazon Kindle Store
  •     Google eBooks
  •     Barnes & Noble Nook Store
  •     Apple iBooks, Kobo Books
  •     Sony Reader Store
  •     eHarlequin eBook Store
  •     Taylor & Francis eBookstore
  •     Cambridge eBookstore
  •     BooksOnBoard
  •     Random House eBooks
  •     Powell’s Books eBooks

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