Nocera book review

Review by Grady Harp, Top 10 reviewer: “Roger Martin Nocera, MD has written a book that is destined to become a classic. In CELLS THAT HEAL US FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE he brings information to the public’s attention – both general public and health care delivers – that is of monumental importance. And though he and his honored cohorts would have us believe Einstein’s view `Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything’, another way of saying that major importance of the information shared here is not a discovery but a call to attention of a fact that has been present in nature but has not been appreciated or publicized or employed by scientists until now.

“The significance of Dr.Nocera’s book is as important to medical history as the 1796 work of Dr. Edward Jenner who `discovered’ or had insight to reveal nature’s human immune system: his invention of immunology by noting that smallpox could be prevented by vaccinating healthy people with cowpox scrapings from milkmaids began the revolution of immunizations. And 100 years later a similar insight provided Dr. Alexander Fleming to recognize that a mold found in nature had a DNA code that created a natural defense system to kill bacteria – and Penicillin was born in 1928, the first of the antibiotics that have subsequently saved countless human lives.

“What Dr.Nocera brings to our attention that the next `miracle’ in medicine is the fact that in the past decade Stem Cells have been studied as precursors to all cell types in the human body. These `Healing Cells’ (adult stem cells), easily harvested from the human body, can be injected intravenously, migrate to the area of the body `dis-eased’ and make normal healthy cells to replace the abnormal cells. The impact of this `insight’, proven by many studies to the satisfaction of the scientific community that it is a valid discovery, has the potential of altering Medicine in a manner as impactful and important as the discovery of immunization and antibiotics.

“Dr. Nocera writes in a inordinately readable fashion: his audience is the general public, but he wisely adds the medical information for physicians’ eyes in parenthetical asides. Reading this startling information by a gifted physician with the courage to place his insights before the historically skeptical medical community while alerting the public to this fact of nature cannot help but result in respect for the author and gratifying amazement to the reader to be witnessing the next major miracle in Medicine.

“CELLS THAT HEAL US contains chapters of well-documented studies and scientific data as well as a pertinent discussion of why this discovery is being ignored by the powers that be. In his words `The good medical news is this: a bright new era in health is right at the world’s medical science doorway, knocking, sometimes quite loudly. The bad medical news is that this knocking is largely unheard, and therefore unanswered.’ It is a recapitulation of the manner in which the scientific minds and public first judged the work of both Jenner and Fleming. His plea is that the FDA will quickly recognize the importance of Healing Cells and open this therapeutic door quickly
“CELLS THAT HEAL US is a wondrously fascinating body of knowledge: the manner in which this knowledge is shared by Dr. Nocera is as engrossing as reading a brilliant novel. This book will be important to the history of medicine: this book is phenomenally important to all of us now. The next Great Worldwide Medial Paradigm Shift has arrived. This book should be mandatory reading!” Grady Harp, February 11