Scottsdale Multimedia, Inc. and its principals, J.L. Thompson and John Bingham, have obtained an INJUNCTION AGAINST HARASSMENT against Gary V. Giordano for his many false claims and statements.

Gary Giordano is the American accused of luring young Robyn Gardner to the island of Aruba, purchasing a $1.5 million insurance policy on her life, then murdering her and attempting to collect on the life insurance policy. See;,,personsTax:RobynGardner,00.html

Giordano hired Scottsdale Multimedia, Inc. to write a book telling his side of the story, and after much of the work was done, he backed out of the contract. Since that time he has been posting lies about Scottsdale Multimedia, Inc. and its principals, under various phony pseudonyms on websites like,,, etc.

The Superior Court of Arizona looked into the matter and found that Giordano was fabricating his many statements and publications against the Plaintiffs, and issued its INJUNCTION AGAINST HARASSMENT against Gary V. Giordano, Case No. CV2015-095322.

UPDATE: Scottsdale Multimedia and its principals sued Mr. Giordano in Arizona Superior Court, and Mr. Giordano has filed for bankruptcy protection on the eve of trial.

Mr. Giordano continues to post these slanderous falsehoods, despite the courts Injunction against him. If you find slanderous statements on the Internet against Scottsdale Multimedia and its principals, please telephone the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office or your local FBI office and report the violations.

Please review the two page INJUNCTION AGAINST HARASSMENT:

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