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What gift could you give someone that would mean more than a personal biography would? Jewelry-travel-car- they all pale in comparison to the heartfelt gift of recording a life well lived. Nothing conveys your admiration better than honoring someone you respect with a book about him or her. Spouse-parent-corporate director – who do you admire? Whose life would you like to honor in this highest form of respect?
The gift of recording a loved one’s life and having a book put into print is beyond comparison to any other gift you may have in mind. Nothing says “I admire you” more than honoring someone with a book. No matter the occasion – Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, Retirement, Anniversary – express your appreciation by commissioning Scottsdale Multimedia to write a book commemorating the life of that special person in your life. It is the perfect way to convey the message that you really wanted to do something spectacular this year.
At Scottsdale Multimedia we preserve lives and histories through writing. Our clients wish to preserve various aspects of their lives when they come to us, ranging from childhood and family memories to personal and professional successes. Some desire to record the trials and successes of businesses or artistic endeavors. To this end, we provide a variety of writing services tailored specifically to the particular needs of the client—Standard Biographies and Memoirs for personal or family use, business biographies, and celebrity biographies. Our biography writing service was recently featured in Robb Report magazine and on the Hallmark Channel and our methods were touted as “groundbreaking.”
Biographies, Memoirs and Family Histories are often quite personal, and we are generally commissioned to write them about the client or a relative of the client to preserve the details of a life well lived. The events that make up a life are often of paramount importance to the person’s family, friends and descendants and should not be lost to time and fading memories. We are privileged to be designated as the caretakers of these life stories and consider it a labor of honor to preserve them in print for generations to come. To learn more about the interviewing and writing process click on the video presentation to the right >>
We are often asked to write the history of a business and its founders, or the biography of one or more of its officers or directors, or another significant person in the organization. The preservation and telling of a corporate history is paramount to creating an adequate appreciation for the people and decisions that made it what it is at the present, and to provide a roadmap of the direction the business is heading. A book about a company or a key executive can be central to establishing heightened credibility in any field or industry, and can become the source of greater leads, sales and revenues. This is especially true in the case of professionals who enjoy the regard of their peers, and who are recognized in their profession as having achieved much more than most. A book can share valued information and lessons across a profession and garner the respect of fellow practitioners. To learn more about the interviewing and writing process click on the video presentation to the right >>
Whether you need a business biography, a personal biography, or another type of book, with over 20 years of professional writing experience we know how to bring your ideas alive on the page and make them interesting and exciting for the reader. Call us to discuss your book idea.

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