“Get Off The Bench” by Justin Harrison Enters Second Printing

Get_off_benchCongratulations to our good friend Justin Harrison, Network Marketing Professional guru, whose book Get Off The Bench has just gone into its Second Edition printing.

Get Off The Bench: Vital Behaviors for Success in Life and dōTERRA

Such a simple, life changing statement from the mouth of a young boy. A statement that changed the direction of his father’s life. Get Off The Bench and Get In The Game, is a story of success and failure. It offers 20 years of experiences, all with the purpose of teaching what is necessary to go out and build a successful dōTERRA business.

This is the compilation of every training or seminar Justin Harrison has given on how to do this business. The concepts are straightforward, and anyone can have success in abundance by following them.

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Chapters in The Book:

  • Introduction
  • 1. Simplicity
  • 2. Three Essential Traits
  • 3. Vital Behaviors
  • 4. Duplication
  • 5. Get in the Game
  • 6. Master Your Universe
  • 7. Be the Messenger
  • 8. Benefits
  • 9. Distraction
  • 10. Leadership
  • 11. Presentation Skills
  • Bonus Chapter – Diamond Tips