Because some people assume you just fell here.

Your story has been a long time in the making.  No one put you where you are today.  That’s something you earned for yourself.  Even those in your inner circle don’t really know about the “early days: and the innumerable, seemingly insignificant decisions that led to your eventual success.  It’s time to tell your story.

Whether you’ve reached the summit or are still conquering mountains, tell your story without equivocation, in your words, and in context.

Scottsdale Multimedia is the premier firm for those who have distinguished themselves and are now ready to tell their story.   With more than 20 years of writing and publishing experience, our clients enjoy the luxury of telling their story their way, in their words.

Don’t leave your story to be told by others.  History belongs to those who write it.

Celebrities are those who have overcome the odds and risen to the top of their art, avocation, or profession. It isn’t easy to be the one who “makes it” when so many others have tried and failed. Resentments and misunderstandings can plague a celebrity despite numerous interviews and press releases that seek to set the record straight. Scandal mongers invest endless resources into muddying the waters of otherwise peaceful and happy lives.

Scottsdale Multimedia understands the difficulties associated with celebrity and is expert at artfully recounting the details of the celebrity life in a way that clarifies and corrects common misunderstandings. We bring “context” to the historical record. Whether you are an acclaimed artist, a successful professional or public figure, or someone forced into the spotlight because of circumstances beyond your control, you will appreciate our judgment and discretion in telling your story. It’s time to set the record straight, and to share with others the intricacies and intimacies that you choose to reveal.

Scottsdale Multimedia, Inc. is a professional writing service headed by our editor-in-chief, J.L. Thompson, who oversees all aspects of the writing of your book and personally writes and rewrites it until it is a polished manuscript, ready for your publisher or agent.

John Bingham is a founding partner and our V.P. of Author Development and will personally oversee the development of your book from interviews to binding.

We are completely discreet, of course, and no one will know that you are preparing a book for publication until you announce it. You retain all rights and royalties in your book.

We’ve learned that our celebrity clients have given a lot of thought to their book before they contact us. Therefore, we listen very carefully as they explain what it is they wish to convey. We record our interviews so that we can capture the client’s “voice.” This coupled with an understanding of the viewpoint of the intended audience we are able to help minds meet at a point of understanding where speaker and listener are united and the message is delivered.

A book can also help you establish “context” for misunderstood events. We help you tell your story in a persuasive manner, clearing up misconceptions that may have previously plagued an organization, person or product. History, after all, belongs to those who write it.
Celebrity Biographies are those commissioned to recount the events leading to one’s meteoric rise to the top of a profession or art. In all professions there are a few who make it to the top, often in the face of adversity and resistance, and it is generally expected that they will share the story of how they found the personal strength to survive, and even thrive, where so many others failed. Our founding writer, J.L. Thompson, generally writes our celebrity biographies.

If you need a biography or memoir written, with over 20 years of professional writing experience we know how to bring your ideas alive on the page and make them interesting and exciting for the reader. Call us to discuss your book idea.

Have experienced, published, award winning writers bring your story to life.

Would a book with your picture and name on it elevate your professional status, and make you the new benchmark in your field? Would you get the offers, the invitations to speak, and the interviews if you were the one with a book? Numerous professionals have expressed their firm faith that it was the publication of their book that launched their national careers. Many of those actually set out to elevate their career status by seeking out a writing firm to write their book, and making the release of their book an indispensable component of an overall public relations strategy. If your PR firm has not suggested that you write and release a book, you may be speaking with the wrong firm.

Writing a book about your services or methodologies will set you apart from your competition, providing you with market positioning, brand recognition, authenticity and credibility that cannot be obtained in any other manner. You will receive an immediate and sustained boost to your market perception, which nearly always translates into elevated lead generation, business inquiries, and opportunities.

Imagine for a moment how you and your company will be perceived when your printed book is presented to your industry and potential clients and customers. Whatever the service or other offering, nearly every business, organization or career enjoys manifold benefits growing directly from the publication of a book. You will be perceived as the leader, the force behind the cutting edge of what you do.

We are often commissioned to write books about the founders or key members of businesses or organizations, which serve as gestures of gratitude for years of selfless service, or training, motivational and introductory materials for the organization’s personnel or potential clientele. These books provide our clients with important organizational and cultural ambiance as well as the heightened status that naturally flows from being perceived as the industry leader and innovator.

Seminar Speaking. The top seminar speaking coach in the world tells every one of his students that they need a book. You need a book with your picture and name on the cover to tell the world that you are the go-to person, the professional. If you want to be asked to speak on radio and television programs about subjects that include your area of expertise, then you need a book to establish your credentials. In academia we hear the words “Publish or Perish” spoken with resounding clarity and finality, and for good reason. Your book is central to establishing heightened credibility in any field or industry, and can become the source of greater leads, sales and revenues. This is especially true in the case of professionals who enjoy the regard of their peers, and who are recognized in their profession as having achieved much more than most. A book can share valued information and lessons across a profession and garner the respect of fellow practitioners.