How To Hire A Writer

search_hire_writerHow to select the right ghostwriter is a real challenge, especially when an “author” has no way of knowing the right questions to ask, or how to gauge the validity of the responses a prospective writer-for-hire provides.

At Scottsdale Multimedia we’ve learned that our clients have already given a lot of thought to their book writing projects before they contact us. They often have a good idea of what they want to say, and how they want to say it. They simply lack the skills to weave the book together in a way that conveys the desired message with appropriate delivery of the message.

Another issue to consider when hiring a writer is budget. Before Scottsdale Multimedia, most ghostwriters were specialized, and their fees were very high. Everyone understands that celebrities are not great writers, but when their memoirs are published, they are polished, great reads. The obvious answer is they used the services of a “ghost.” The fee for that type of writing project is typically $150-300 thousand–far exceeding the budget of most people. Then there is the other end of the spectrum–the new “writer” who was laid off from his career position, and recalled that he got an “A” in a college English class–and voilà, he hangs out his “writer-for-hire” shingle.

Scottsdale Multimedia has been writing books for over 20 years. We write several books each year, including memoirs, biographies, business and management books, family and corporate histories, motivational and professional books, etc.

We have learned to listen very carefully as our clients explain what it is they wish to convey through the writing they hire us to provide. We ask our clients to consider carefully who their intended audience is, so that we may tailor the writing to speak directly to that audience. We record our interviews so that as we perform the writing we can capture the “voice” of the client in the writing. By understanding the voice of our client and the viewpoint of the intended audience we are able to help minds meet at a point of understanding where speaker and listener are united and the message is delivered.

Whether you need a business book, a biography, or another type of book, with over 20 years of professional writing experience we know how to bring your ideas alive on the page and make them interesting and exciting for the reader. Call us to discuss your book idea.

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