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search_hire_writerHiring a professional writer can be a daunting undertaking. Most people have never written a book or hired a professional writer.

With little understanding about the book writing process, how does one go about finding a professional writer? How can you ensure the writers you interview are right for the project? Is there a difference between those who hold themselves out as professional writers?

Indeed, hiring a professional writer is uncharted territory for most soon-to-be authors. If you need someone to write an article for a magazine article, should you be speaking with someone who generally writes web copy? If you have a heart murmur, should you be speaking with an oncologist? If you want to write a management book, or a memoir, or a corporate history, who can you speak with that will give you straight answers to your questions, and match you with the best book writer possible?

Hiring the right professional writer is the same as hiring any other professional service provider — an architect, an attorney, a heart surgeon, etc. Most ghostwriters (a writer for hire) generally write in one or two categories — term papers, magazine articles, web copy, obituaries, brochures, etc. There are very few great book writers available for hire. It is a highly specialized professional practice.

CAUTION: This fact doesn’t seem to have discouraged those who have recently found themselves “downsized” from hanging out their “Writer” shingle, however.

We at Scottsdale Multimedia are a team of professional writers, with diverse educational, professional and life-experience backgrounds, who bring a collective effort to bear on your book writing project. Our management committee selects the best lead writer for your project, who is assisted by a staff of seasoned professionals and directed by award winning writer and biographer, J.L. Thompson, Scottsdale’s Editor-In-Chief. Together we write your book, with a constant  eye toward projecting your “voice” into the writing and conveying your message to your targeted audience.

We’ve learned that our clients have already given a lot of thought to their book writing projects before they contact us. Therefore, we listen very carefully as they explain what it is they wish to convey through the writing they hire us to provide. We ask our clients to consider carefully who their intended audience is, so that we may tailor the writing to speak directly to that audience. We record our interviews so that as we perform the writing we can capture the “voice” of the client in the writing. By understanding the voice of our client and the viewpoint of the intended audience we are able to help minds meet at a point of understanding where speaker and listener are united and the message is delivered.

Whether you need a business book, a biography, or another type of book, with over 20 years of professional writing experience we know how to bring your ideas alive on the page and make them interesting and exciting for the reader. Call us to discuss your book idea.

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