Publishing Forum

Scottsdale Multimedia is pleased to offer this forum for writers of all kinds to discuss matters relating to publishing. As every aspiring writer can attest, there are many manuscripts being written each year, but few of them are transformed into printed books. We assist our clients through both the writing process and the publishing process.

This forum is dedicated to those who wish to discuss the obstacles in the publishing industry that seem at times to be placed in the new writer’s path with the object of limiting the field to established authors. Indeed, due to the volume of non-meritorious manuscripts flooding publishers, they lack the appropriate resources to adequately consider every query or submission.

This has resulted in the establishment of barriers, placed to reduce submissions to just those who have become industry “insiders.” By learning the industry protocols all meritorious manuscripts can receive a fair evaluation and opportunity to be published.

Share your industry insider tips in this forum, or ask your questions, and Scottsdale Multimedia or other authors will be pleased to respond with helpful information.