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marco_rubio_american_son_smWould you like to preserve your life or that of a loved one or other honored person in a book? Your life is unique and deserves to be preserved forever. Scottsdale Multimedia provides professional book and biography writing services to individuals and corporations, and we are the leading experts when it comes to writing personal histories, biographies and memoirs . . . [more ...]

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Ray-bookWould a book with your picture and name on it elevate your status, and make you the new benchmark in your field? Would you get the offers, the invitations and the interviews if you were the one with a book? Numerous professionals have expressed their firm faith that it was the publication of their book that . . . [more ...]


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Easy_To_Write_Your_Book5 Easy Steps -- Scottsdale Multimedia has been writing, editing and publishing books for more than 25 years. Our system of writing your book consists of 1) Schedule 2) Interviews 3) Writing the First Draft 4) Your Reviews of the drafts, and 5) Delivery of your manuscript. We are a firm of professional, published, award winning writers and editors who also ghostwrite books for our clients . . . [more ...]   line     SeminarMdSeminar Speaking -- The top seminar speaking coach in the world tells every one of his students that they need a book. You need a book with your picture and name on the cover to tell the world that you are the go-to person, the professional. If you want to be asked to speak on radio and television programs about subjects that include your area of expertise, then you need a book to establish . . . [more ...]   line     RachaelRayMdRachael Ray knew that her career was stagnant at a local TV station where she was barely paid enough to cover the cost of food on her show, and that if she was ever going to take it to the next level, she needed a book. She did everything in her power to get a book written and released, and that became her “entree” into the world of national broadcast television. Your biography, memoir, business, inspirational, how to or other book is important to you, your career, or business . . . [more ...]

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"My book turned out exactly as I had planned and hoped for a very long time. I recommend your services to anyone with a book that needs a professional hand."

Denise Richardson

"I have to say that is a fabulous book!!! Going through it and reading it evoked every emotion I have in my body. I found myself sad, angry, elated, confused, puzzled, hurt, happy and in a state of awe. It amazed me."

Lorijane Graham, The Hummingbird Prophecy

"Working with Scottsdale Multimedia has been an easy process for the development of my book. The writer has truly made the difference in this biography and his writing style and research are exemplary. From the beginning of this project, his interview techniques, taped conversations and logical persistence of organizing a life story gives him the modern day edge of writing."

Lucas Ford, Jr.

“I always knew that my story would be appreciated by others. Whenever I spoke with people about my life, they would encourage me to write a book. I just wasn’t able to organize it and lay it out in a way that made any real sense. Scottsdale Multimedia helped me crystallize my thoughts and express myself better than I had ever dreamed. It was almost as if they had lived life with me and knew exactly how to say it.”

Melinda, Phoenix, AZ

“I knew before I started that another book on sales could easily get lost in a sea of books on the same subject. But I had something fresh and different. You believed in me and helped me find my voice. Just the fact that I have a book has gone a long way to promote my speaking and training career. Thanks for the help and thanks for believing in me."

Larry, Houston, TX

“I tried many times in the past to write my book. Bringing Scottsdale Multimedia to the table was absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve made in this process. You helped me to organize and clarify all the things that I wanted to say. I am anxious for my book to be read by others. I think it will help any and all who read it. Thanks to you and your team of writers, I have a chance to do that.”

Robert, Los Angeles, CA

"I considered writing my book for several years, but was never comfortable with the writers I spoke with. Then I learned about Scottsdale Multimedia from a friend -- for whom they had written a book. He gave Scottsdale very high marks, putting my mind at ease. I was amazed at how easy Mr. Thompson and the others made things for me. Before I knew it the manuscript was done. The writing is wonderful; more than I expected. Thank you."

Technology Magnate

"After working on my book for 5 years I reached a point of frustration. I needed help. Scottsdale Multimedia turned out to be the answer. J.L. Thompson and his team took all of my prior writing, spent time interviewing me, and then did a miraculous job in helping me to flesh out the final product!"

Edward Minyard, After Disaster

"My wife’s last months were precious to me and our little girls, and we are so glad we had the opportunity to preserve her life in her memoir before we lost her. It is a stupendous gift, and she will live on in her own words. Thank you so much."

D. Johnson